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Why am I receiving a duplicate package error?   

Issue: "We are unable to upload this binary file as the package name of the application is currently in use by another developer account. To resolve this issue, please contact us and include the application name and package name for your app. We will respond to you shortly and help resolve this issue."

What does this mean, and what do I do?

Resolution: If you receive this error message when uploading your app’s binary file, please first check to make sure that you have not uploaded this binary file on another Amazon developer account as either an app submission or a Live App Test. If you are the end client publisher of an app developed by another company, please refer to the section “Live App Test” at the end of this article.

If you have not submitted the binary file in question before to the Amazon Appstore, please sign into your company’s developer account, go to “Support” > “Contact Us”, and provide us with the name of your app and the package name of the binary file.

As a general note, when using development environments such as Unity or pre-existing manifest files, it is possible that your app’s package name will have a placeholder value that should be changed prior to submission. The package name of your binary file must be unique to the app you are publishing, and is usually in the format of “com.companyname.appname." A general definition of a package name can be found here. Once we receive the package name of your app, we will be able to investigate further on your behalf.

Live App Testing:

If you have an association with a developer or publishing company that may have uploaded your app for Live App Testing, please contact your development partner to confirm that they have not submitted your app’s binary file on their account. If they have, please ask them to take the following steps:

1. End the current Live App Test with the package name in question

2. Submit a “Contact Us” about the Live App Test that includes the package name and context for their assistance request

The above information will allow us to assist with your situation.

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