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Improve Discovery and Name-Free Use of Your Skill with CanFulfillIntentRequest (Beta)

You can make your US English skills more discoverable when customers do not use your invocation name by adding support for the CanFulfillIntentRequest (beta) interface. Learn More

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This is really difficult to test. I made my skill deal with CanFulfillIntentRequest, and return JSON with canFulfill as YES or NO. I then put the test JSON into the manual JSON box, with my slot names and values. But when I submit, I just get back my JSON. How do I test if Alexa would see that and call back with an IntentRequest? How can I know if my skill would be chosen as a candidate for name-free interaction? Is there a way to test end to end? For my skill, which tells you the names of NFL players from jersey numbers, can I test "Alexa, who plays fourteen for the Bengals?"?

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Implemented CanFullfillRequest and launched skill to store 3 weeks ago. Testing in simulator with Json, I can see it is working as expected.

But when I test it on my own Alexa device which has my skill installed. And instead of saying "Alexa ask 'MYSKILL' to do XXXX'. I say "Alexa, do XXX"... it never invokes the CanFullfillRequest handler of my skill to check if it can handle it. In fact it suggests another random skill from the appstore which I don't even have enabled.


1. Can you guys at least ping the skills which the user has installed first, before suggesting any random skill from app store?

2. How do I make sure my handler is every invoked? I have been monitoring my logs for last 3 weeks, and the handler has never been invoked even once!!!!!

3. Can you add testing capabilities for this in the simulator? So, developers know they have implemented the CanFulfillRequest correctly?

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Can this be used for skills that allow users to purchase physical goods?

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