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Web App Starter Kit(WASK) for Fire TV


Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick include Amazon WebView, an advanced Chromium-based web engine common to all Fire OS devices. This enables the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick to use the latest HTML5 functionality such as GPU accelerated CSS3 transforms and a recent JavaScript engine.

Amazon has created the Web App Starter Kit ( to give web developers an easier entry into developing applications for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices. The Starter Kit provides a minimal media app that uses the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick remote controllers effectively and provides a user experience consistent with the rest of the device. It can be used as-is, or as a structural piece of a richer app.

The Web App Starter Kit is an open source project meant to be a template for creating a wide variety of video applications for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Amazon source code and documentation in this project are released under the Creative Commons License. For more information on this license please refer to the following link: It is designed so that common components can be mixed and matched, and customized to tailor the user experience as desired. The Starter Kit is designed to cover many video content delivery application possibilities, and set up structure for easily reusing common code and allowing developers to expand on what we have created to suit their individual needs. To view the WASK architecture overview, please refer to

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