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Will there be reporting available for Underground apps?   


Although there is a new monetization model with the Underground program, many of your reports will stay exactly the same. However, your Sales Reports will include a new tab where you will be able to track the “Minutes Engaged” by the users of your Underground apps.

Knowing the download numbers of your apps is still an important part of the Underground program, so you will still be able to track the total downloads of your Underground apps, in the “Apps” tab of your Sales Reports. In addition to download numbers, you will now be able to see user engagement and royalties for these apps, in the new Underground tab of the Sales Reports.

Once you have clicked on the Underground tab, the “Sales Summary” section will give you a cumulative number of “Minutes Engaged” and “Royalties” earned by each marketplace. To see a more detailed breakdown on a per app basis, you can scroll down and click the “Show” link next to each app. Please note that if the app is not enabled for Underground, the reports will show no data for that app. In addition to the graphical reports listed in your Developer Portal, you will be able to download a CSV version of your Underground reports. Simply select the date range you would like to report on, and hover over the “Export CSV” drop down menu. Then click on the Underground report to download the CSV file.

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